Sauti Sol

Short & Sweet ~ Sauti Sol ft. Nyashinski | Music Lyrics

SHORT AND SWEET LYRICS BY SAUTI SOL FT NYASHINSKI (VERSE 1- Sauti Sol) Uh uhhh, uh uhhh Uh uhh, uhh uhhhhhhh… I think you fell in love too fast African night and I won’t rush And I remember you refused to kiss me And now you’ using my toot-brush You say you think I talk too much That I’m not your type, when you don’t like to hide Cos your

Rewind By Sauti Sol And Khaligraph Jones

REWIND by Sauti sol  ft khaligraph jones This is a good feel music. How I wish you could download the tune and rewind it. Rewind by Khaligraph Jones and Sauti sol will leave you with a nostaligic mood. Sauti sol want you to know how they hustled back in the days to be where they are. Khaligraph Jones in the tune feels like a real Bazenga. You can understand the

Khaligraph Jones FT Sauti Sol | New Song

The OG Khaligraph Jones is not letting any chances pass him. Though we expected him to conquer international market,’The Khali” has other plans. This year started well for him and it seems he is releasing major collabos. To start with he did Rider with Petra. Then he released Toka Teke with his longtime hommie,Oksyde. All those collabos are doing well so far. Mr.Omollo aka Mr.Mazishi severally he has reminded us