Sista Josee By Pizo Dizo

Oooh my lawd. Sister josee is such a doooope track.

Just listen to Pizo Dizo new track and you will know what I mean.

Have you ever got those guys who got hood gossip. The boys who are always checking on you just to spread the news like who you banged last night,how your house was locked by landlord or those men who are just there to update you will irellevant news. That is what Pizo dizo is trying to put across.

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The story line is maaaad. You know one thing about pizo dizo,sje is that one lady who will vibe you directly on whatever case. This is clear from all her tracks starting with Chali Stinji where she featured Mejja.

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Siste Josse is done at Grand Pa,no disappointments.