Drugs Or Sex ? This Is What Nay Wa Mitego Loves Most

Hiphop is the best music after Reggae. Apart from it being associated with bad deeds and controversies,its the art of life. Hiphop has helped to air several pressing issues in the society.

Many hiphop artists especially hard hiphop arists and the underground ones are likely to have love for something strange. Unplanned/planned beefs,drugs ,battles,sex just to mention a few.

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Mr.True boy aka Nay Wa Mitego is one of most controversial artists from Tanzania. So what does Nay Wa Mitego love?

In his own lyrics the Free Nation rapper likes Sex to drugs. According to him,sex makes him feel good and forget troubles.

I second Mr.Nay. Drugs are bad and protected sex is good. Another musician who loves sex is Davido. In one of the interview,Davido said he ranks sex second after his music.

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Download Sina Muda track to get the full details.

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