Drama As Boy Child Wets Their Matrimonial Bed

Drama As Boy Child Wets Their Matrimonial Bed

Drama will never end . Boy child has a long way inorder to get help.

Its unthinkable of that a grown up man can wet his bed beside his wife. Is this a problem or a disease that can be treated?

Well one man was bashed online after his wife stated the strange “habit” her man is engaged in.

Hello chit chatters, have been married for an
year and all was well between us until mid jan
when my hubby started to wet the bed. First he
said its wet dreams but after the second time
nikagundua ni mkojo. Am ao confused koz he
denies and its purely it. Sasa leo natoka job
napata hao imanuka mkojo tupu. What do i do?
Koz he denies he has a problem.

So does wet dreams lead to wetting the bed? And does one have wet dreams while sleeping next to the thing?

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