Boy Child President Explains Why Women Got Most Instagram Followers.


Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has been on the front line to save the boy child. Despite bringing out compelling facts ,he does that using lethal,harsh and unkind words,the boy child president is doing all he can to review the boy child standard. We give credit where due,Nyakundi in the past has done a number of good things. For once he deserves a standing ovation.

Back to our topic,do you really wonder why some ladies out here got staggering followers on istagram but they rarely pop in their twitter handles?

Its easy to get few likes on facebook than getting one retweet on twitter.

So Why Do Women Have More Instagram Followers Than Twitter Followers?

Burning Question. From the Kenyan perspective, why do the women with the most prominent following on Instagram, struggle on Twitter?

Gaining more populace in twitrer is no joke. Despite many dying follow trains,one cant get more followers like the so called celebrities.Nyakundi has an answer for this,”Because on Twitter, it’s brains infused with wordplay that sells.”
Initially twitter one had to pass his/her message with 140 characters. This was a no go zone for long posts.

“On Instagram, it’s optical-illusions. They excite using their dressing and all. Put the same lady on Twitter and they struggle to communicate.

Even the smartest of them all, block any man who shows sign of being intellectually-exposed
than they are.

This whole narrative of “men being intimidated by successful women” is a lie. When a specific
gender games the system and achieves cosmetic “success” , they shouldn’t act like they won the Oscars or something.

Posing for a photo on Instagram and then captioning it with a motivational-quote, isn’t
exactly rocket-science. It’s actually a truck-load of horse shit!

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If those chics who keep yapping how they’re “successful” had an iota of white matter between their ears, they’d be commanding
audience on Twitter and other platforms of intellectual input. We’d see them trending, plus
the brands they push on IG.

All I’m saying is that using feminism or gender- equalisation as a recruitment criteria is costing
the nation billions. If it is merit, let it be so.

Because the current state of affairs where women occupying corporate positions and then
blocking male ideas from implementation, is affecting the net-productivity of the nation.
That’s why our companies don’t become big regional concerns or global brands. Because merit is being stifled for mediocrity.

When a whole company like Scan-Group or GinaDin PR sit in a board meeting and convince
a client not to work with bloggers like Cyprian Nyakundi, who are they deceiving? Themselves
or the client? Because it is clear for everyone to see.

And those are supposedly the “best” brains in Kenyan advertising, lying to themselves and their clients.

People need to stop their bullshit. Stop deceiving your clients. As you hate on bloggers, our following keeps multiplying ten-fold.

You can fool some of the people, some of the time. But you can’t fool all people, all of the
time. This photo collage is of some of the people who
spend days talking shit about Cyprian Nyakundi.

Just because I write incisive pieces, they love spreading the narrative that I shouldn’t be
taken seriously. Their combined followership on social media, doesn’t even come close to

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So who is fooling who?
Grow up you pieces of shit! You need to pick another struggle for 2018. Some of you are even grandmothers, cannibalising young people the age of your

1. Cathy Gathu: Jimmy Gathu’s wife and Scan- Group operative. Spends most of her days talking shit about Nyakundi to her clients. Grow the fuck up madam! You’re someone’s grandmother.

2. Caroline Mutoko: Yapping about how Nyakundi is not a viable partner to her clients,
as if she will live forever. She positions herself as an African Digital Pioneer, as if she has
created an app or something. You’re very old to be doing some things.

3. Betty Kyallo: Because she’s been a victim of bad press from our platforms, she crowd- sources sympathy by playing “victim”, as if she is not the master of her own fate.

4. GinaDin Kariuki: Spends her days convincing her clients how to beat Nyakundi’s expose’s. If
she was such a guru at PR, then why was Uhuru hiring American and British firms? It’s time
people stopped over-rating themselves. This game has changed.

5. Frankie of ScanGroup: This dude now has made presentations to show why bloggers shouldn’t be engaged. Trying to convince himself that we don’t matter. Lo and behold!

6. Brian Mbunde: On Twitter he normally gangs up with women trying to provoke negative sentiment against Nyakundi. Product of weakness. Thinks that by killing my shine, his
will glow brighter.”

Well you have heard from twitter bigwig. Nyakundi got more than 1 Million followers.

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